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Why I LOVE Boudoir Photography

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It’s a fact – You are your own worst critic. Well, girl, I’m here to teach you to see yourself how everyone else sees you – as the gorgeous babe you already are! There is   N O   S U C H   T H I N G   as too big, too skinny, too old, too flawed, too any thing, and I’m going to prove that to you.

Boudoir photography is not meant for just the “magazine-worthy” bodies. No, baby! Boudie sessions are all about celebrating that absolutely amazing, unique body of yours in all it’s splendor. I’m talking scars, tattoos, tiger stripes, and all the other things that tell your life story. It is meant to capture the fire inside of you and let it burn so bright that you can’t help but say, COT DAMN, SHE’S HOT!

Your boudie session will be a lesson in confidence and self-acceptance.  You’d be amazed what some posing, proper lighting, and you are capable of.  So take this as permission to treat yourself like a queen for once. Go buy yourself a sexy outfit (or a comfy oversize sweater – my fav!), get your hair, nails, and makeup done, and come hang out with me for a bit. I guess I should tell you I’ve been published a couple times in Iowa Boudoir Magazine, also, so you’re in good hands. Now send me an email before you talk yourself out of it for the hundredth time!!! YOU. ARE. WORTHY.

Don’t forget to join my closed, gals-only boudoir Facebook group, right here: It’s a great way to see more of my work in a safe space with no judgement! Just make sure you answer the security questions, Doll!