As I sit at home, safe and healthy, I can’t help but feel gratitude in the midst of all this. It could be so much worse.

We are lucky that this happened during tax time, and that a lot of people have their tax returns to fall back on.

As a state (Iowa), we are now doing our part to “flatten the curve”, so hospitals don’t get overwhelmed and become unable to care for the most critical patients.

We owe a huge thanks to:

CNAs, nurses, doctors, and all medical staff for keeping the sick and elderly safe and healthy.

Retail workers for keeping food and other goods on the shelves for us.

Truck drivers for delivering all of those goods.

Factory and warehouse workers and farmers for providing those goods.

Trades/union workers for keeping our lights on, plumbing working (just think of all the stupid things that will be clogging up toilets in the next few weeks!), and generally keeping everything going.

Workers for programs such as United Way, Iowa Workforce Development, etc. for providing people with necessary resources.

You all are working ungodly hours risking your own health to help others. You aren’t appreciated enough. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I would also like to thank all the artists who continue to provide us with joy and entertainment during this time.

As difficult as this may be/get, please appreciate what you have and use this as an opportunity. An opportunity to finish projects, build meaningful relationships, teach your children important life skills, acknowledge the benefits of humans leaving nature thrive for once, just breathe, or whatever you feel necessary. And always be kind.

I personally will use this time to reorganize my home and donate what we don’t need, hike and take photos of places I haven’t been, and take this opportunity to learn more about my craft. Stay well and stay grateful!

Engagement + Wedding

     So you’ve said, “YES!” How exciting!!! This engagement process will be fun, nerve-racking, and maybe a little stressful, BUT your family and vendors are here to help you KelciShawonEngagement19BW-12in this process. Don’t fret! We’ve been through it all before – all the decisions and emotions of planning your big day. We’ve got you!

     Your photographer is a BIG decision, and one you should make early on. They’re going to capture and portray your love story, which will be passed on for generations. You want someone who just gets you. A tax-paying, insured professional who gets to know you and will enthusiastically bring your vision to life! That’s exactly where I step in. Hello! Nice to meet ya!

     I would love to meet over coffee or drinks and discuss what I can contribute to your magical day. Please feel free to fill out a contact sheet at the bottom of this page, and I’ll respond as quickly as possible. I can’t wait to chat!!!

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Despite Mother Nature’s mood swings, we are making magic!

AMP_1046There’s just something about a beautiful fall golden hour session that warms my heart. It could be the glorious colors the trees display. Maybe it’s the chill in the air that makes families snuggle a little closer. Maybe it’s just the way the golden outline of the sun tricks you into thinking the subjects were much warmer than they were! Whatever the case, they’re my (and most others’) favorite!

I am always on the lookout for new places to shoot, so per usual, I showed up to Squaw Creek in Marion early to scout it out. What do I see? Marshy, muddy land, and a spattering of photographers chasing the sun with their subjects. Love it!


Now, when I know a kiddo is coming, I try to avoid the mud as much as possible, so AMP_1028the searching continued. While on the look out for some dry land, I looked up and saw the sun shining through the trees perfectly! That was it – I found a new spot!

My first official fall session was this mother and son duo. I always enjoy our sessions together, and each time we take photos, Zane opens up a little more and lets his personality shine brighter! This is one tough mama! You’d never know it, but she was sleep deprived when they arrived. On top of that, they had to brave the chilly weather. I’m a little biased, I suppose, but I’d say it was worth it!

To view the full gallery, you can check out my Family gallery here. Make sure to follow me on Facebook as well. Thanks for reading!

Fall is coming!

This crisp, cool air is a gift to remind us that FALL IS COMING!!! 🍁🍂

I know, I know. Don’t rush summer…but come on! I AM TOO EXCITED! Autumn brings pure magic! The magical colors of the leaves, the chill in the air that makes ya wanna cuddle with your loved ones, and I can’t forget my intense love for sweaters and boots. Oooo! I just can’t help myself!

Here are some photos from my fall sessions to get you thinking about YOUR next dreamy session!

Contact me now to ensure you get the date you want – my calendar is filling up very quickly already! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to reserve your time and date!

Pssst! Peep my YouTube video – it’ll get ya in the fall spirit for sure! Just click the link below.

*I do not own the rights to this amazing song*
Song: Bloom by The Paper Kites

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I am elated to announce my partnership with Aftershock Entertainment! We wanted to join forces to offer you a great deal – If you book both of us, you get $100 off the total!

Let’s break that down, y’all.

You get an already reasonably priced, amazing DJ service, AND an already reasonably priced photographer who is so invested in you, PLUS you get to save $100?! That’s a seriously sweet deal!

Aftershock Entertainment specializes in masterfully handling all your wedding needs. When you hire a DJ, you want someone who can read the room, work well with the vendors, and keep the party going. These guys do all this and more. You can trust they’ll do a fantastic job.

PLUS – here’s the kicker – they have a PHOTO BOOTH!!!

With the Photo Booth package, your guests get to choose their own props, take home a customized photo strip at no additional charge, AND the photo booth attendant makes a scrapbook of every strip with well wishes written next to them by friends and family. That is a S-T-E-A-L.

Please check them out here:


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