my post (12)“Anna is absolutely amazing as a photographer and person. I had wanted to do a boudoir session for a long time and always found a reason to talk myself out of it. “I need to lose weight, or how can I ever do that. I can’t stand to look at myself how could my significant other like that.” That was until I took a leap of faith and just dived into the deep end and did it. From scheduling to all the silly questions you may have about the photo shoot, Anna is so fun and easy going and answers all questions, no matter how silly you may think it is. I mentioned previously about my self confidence and how it was somewhat lacking, Anna has this incredible ability to have you see yourself in a completely different light. That day after the photo shoot I couldn’t look at myself in the old light. I saw attributes the way my significant other does. Now to get to the finished product – the pictures turned out jaw-dropping gorgeous and you won’t be able to find any flaw whatsoever. If you want a fun, energetic, absolute blast of a human, look no further! I could rave about Anna and her ability as a photographer forever. Don’t keep making excuses as to why you can’t do a boudoir photo shoot and dive in with Anna by your side, because you will not regret it!”  – Miss Anonymous 

_DSC0110“Let me start by saying this woman is incredible! She asked me to be her model for boudoir sessions. I’ve wanted them done for a while now, however I kept holding myself back. During the session I could not only see her passion and commitment, I felt it too. She goes above and beyond to take the time and effort to give you want you want. She encouraged creativity and humor from me and of course offered her own. The shoot was so passionate, laid back and comfortable yet exciting too! I am in LOVE with the results from her. If you need a photographer, Anna is your girl, I promise you wont be anything less than satisfied!” – Miss K

dsc_5507-2.jpg“What I loved about my session was, well….. EVERYTHING!! I went over to Anna Mae’s house and that’s where she did my hair beautifully and we changed in to the clothes I wanted to wear. I love how she doesn’t discourage the outfit choice that other people pick out and how comfortable she makes you feel in front of her. Then we threw on a robe, sprayed down with bug spray and went to our destination of my choice to shoot the pictures. I chose the boudoir session because I wanted something for only my bf for a birthday present and also it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time now and it’s also makes one feel good about them selves. After we were done we went back to her house and she let me pick which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t like than she started to show me how she would edit them! She made me an album with all the pictures that I chose and that was ready to be picked up just 2 days after my shoot. Anna Mae is incredible at her job and she has a price range that fits everyone’s budget. If you have been looking to do boudoir or any type of pictures Anna Mae is your girl.” – Miss T

DSC_2483“I love this photographer because she is amazing at her job, she makes you feel great about the skin you are wearing and definitely knows how to boost confidence. Anna Mae takes her job to the next level of greatness. I have never used a professional photographer so I couldn’t compare her to others but I have found my picture taker for life. Anna Mae will make you feel like family and listen to constructive criticism and will also take into consideration the way you want to be photographed and how you yourself would liked to pose or she can help with pose positioning. I have had the pleasure of being photographed twice by Anna Mae, my first shoot was a boudoir which was photographed in a state park! I was kind of nervous but then opened up because she talked me through every thing. The second one was a mini Halloween shoot with my daughter and this one was probably my favorite because we all love Halloween. This one was also in a state park and a cemetery. We all put ideas into this shoot and she definitely isn’t a control freak who takes over the whole shoot and does things her way she let’s you do it how you want to which I think is great.” – Miss T

dsc_2290-2.jpg“Anna is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met! Taking pictures with her as a photographer was a breeze. She was great at getting us all to smile real, happy smiles, even with the majority of the group being very camera shy. Can’t wait to find another reason to need pictures taken so I can have Anna take our pictures again. They all came out so much better than I could have imagined!” – Miss M

dsc_2175-3.jpg“We had a great time with Anna. Simply awesome!! Ours was a Maternity session. Anna had some wonderful ideas and the location was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for anything more! Pictures were great and the return time was so fast. Keep up the beautiful work Anna and we will contact you when the little one has arrived!” – Mister S

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